Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just like Cinderella... On Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

They say that when you want something really , the universe conspires to succeed .
There never disagreed with this as I am able optimistic nature and man .
However I did not understand exactly how the universe and understand you do " favors " ...
And where in the universe knows that ;

A few months ago , with much love we made a video for Jeffrey Campbell Shoes .
And when I say love I mean a lot .
Now tell me so much love anymore for a shoe designer ;
And I 'll say it out loud
and a story that makes you feel .

On the one hand we have a crisis , we do not have cash or deposits , or sponsors in our madness .
On the other hand we have good friends talented , eager and with the same madness (for this and our friends ) , passion , vision
and another word that I am not allowed to say , but if you have and you know very well what I'm talking about ...!

And we want to shoot a video.

Take a deep breath , and some phones and within three days without sleep but with many smiles of pleasure , we picture ...

Simple things .

Somewhere here comes the " universe " ...

The video travels on the internet and goes , while we slept here , somewhere in Los Angeles in the hands of the same Jeffrey Campbell ...
We wake up and see it posted on the front page of the official site.


No easy feat when talking about the most fashionable trend in shoes and fashion in general in recent years .

Some days after Agelis and Elena announce that I will go with them in Milan because  Jeffrey says he wants to meet me .

" Is that a real person by Jeffrey Campbell ...???"

Do not you long story short , I put my Coltrane and ... I went to Milan ...

Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots

I did not know exactly what to expect and I very much liked it.

 As it anyway certainly did not expect that it happened 3 days I stayed there ...

I entered the stand of Jeffrey Campbell and I was dumbfounded .

Penelope A in Milan In Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Stand

Thousands of small miracles naughty arranged in space and in the hands of representatives of all countries ,
to the study, giggling fun and keep notes.

"Penelope, I 'll be with you in a minute" ... He said squeezing my hand a nice gentleman with different shoes on his feet.

I have no photo to show me why it is the most low profile successful people I know and refuses to take pictures and let 's rock star!
Nor will even tell you why we were there and what we did ...
I'll just say that same evening at a lovely dinner the "papa" as he calls Francisco Pomares, Co-owner of the company - family welcomed me in the most beautiful way to their family .

You know what they mean when they say the universe ;
The universe SOU .

People bring to your life with your actions and energy you radiate .
Family you create . People with very obvious , I shared , common objectives .

Agelis , Elena thank you with all my heart

Jeffrey Campbell Greece team

And to imagine that it all started from a pair of shoes ...
Just like Cinderella ...

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes X Penelope A

To be continued ...??? »